Casts away

After two weeks, today brought a milestone: The casts were removed from my hands and replaced by a pair of splints. I’d had my fill of those casts on day one: I looked like an NFL lineman with taped-up battering rams for arms, and I felt slightly more self-sufficient than kid brother Randy from “A Christmas Story.” The splints are not nearly as bulky overall, but they don’t make typing any easier. In fact, the splint on my left hand is longer than the cast was, so the tap-tap-tap of my thumbs is even slower. The docs say the splints will be in place for four weeks, as long as the healing process proceeds normally.

The support continues to flood in, from Facebook to Twitter to regular old snail mail, and help keep me afloat. The Internet is truly an amazing invention that I appreciate more each day. Without the Internet, I don’t think this story would have carried very far beyond my family, friends and co-workers. With the Internet, this has become a rallying point for Canton residents and, I hope, all of Baltimore. Things like this — and worse — happen in this city too often, and I myself became inured to it as a media member. It’s been easy to write off these crimes and say “tsk tsk, typical Baltimore.” But now it’s time to make a stand and make them stop.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. My hope is that he’ll extract two of the loose teeth. One, on the top, is bent backward and very much an obstacle to eating — and even other things, such as sneezing — and the other, on the bottom, is pulled a good deal of the way out of the socket. Two teeth extractions for someone who’s never had as much as a cavity. I had a terrible overbite as young child (turns out that no, I should not have sucked my thumb). Once, I tripped while running at my grandparents’ and banged a baby tooth on the sidewalk. That required a trip to a specialist in Philadelphia for a careful extraction. Eventually I wore braces for about three years. I got to know the ’80s/Easy listening music station at my orthodontist’s office really, really well.

I’ll post tomorrow and let you know how it goes.



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