To my sweetheart


The past month has been unlike any other.

And one person has been here with me every moment she reasonably could … and then some.

She came to the emergency room as soon as police got hold of her and spent the better part of two days there. Even though she was supposed to be at work.

She fed me in the hospital. Even though with the painkillers and mouth trauma, I had little interest in eating.

She brought her laptop to the hospital and watched half an episode of one of our favorite shows, “Parks and Recreation.” Even though my mind was alphabet soup and I dozed off.

She has been my full-time caregiver after my discharge from the hospital. Even though with both hands in casts, I couldn’t do much of anything.

I could go on and on about everything she’s done for me the past month, from being a chauffeur to secretary to counselor to medical expert. All while working 40 hours a week plus overtime.

But I’ll sum it up: She’s my hero.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kacey.


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