Nail polish

My fingernail is about to fall off.

I’d include a picture here, but you probably don’t want to see that. You might think you do, but you don’t.

Because it was injured 11 weeks ago, I thought the body would have decided by now whether the nail would stay. But these things take time, evidently.

Time was, losing a fingernail would have disturbed me greatly. Nails are something for which I have good genes. I was once told by an election judge in Laurel that I should be a fingernail model. On Election Day. I’d never been told I should be a model for anything.

I didn’t ever want to lose a nail, but thankfully they grow back. It’s an uneven process. Very uneven. For a while, it seemed like the nail would stay. Which would have been quite impressive considering that all the evidence suggests that it was caught between the street and a brick moving at 9.8 meters per second per second. The speed at which objects fall on our planet.

But no, the nail is coming off. It might be tonight; it might be tomorrow.

One of the tactics that’s been emphasized in my therapy sessions is to picture yourself from a third-person perspective. We live life in first-person, and we get quite used to experiencing things from that position. But when we shift to living life from third-person, everything changes a little. You gain the space you need for perspective. Losing a fingernail goes from a very painful experience to a fascinating, unusual process.

If I can make that shift in more aspects of my life, I will be better off.



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