Speaking out (updated)

Today I appeared on two shows on WBAL AM 1090 to talk about my op-ed piece that ran in The Baltimore Sun last weekend (based on a longer blog post and essays you can read here), the justice system and victims’ rights.

The first show is “The C4 Show,” hosted by Clarence M. Mitchell IV, a former Maryland state senator — you can listen to the clip here. Coincidentally, when I attended the plea hearing and read my victim impact statements in my case last June, it was at the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse, which is named after Mr. Mitchell’s grandfather. My interview was conducted live during the show. (The full “C4 Show” podcast site is here.)

(Update) The second show is “Maryland News Now,” hosted by Mary Beth Marsden. Listen to that interview here. It aired at 3:50 p.m.

I am grateful to Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Marsden for giving attention to the issues involving my case and the larger concerns of our justice system and our attitudes toward victims.

I hope you take a few minutes to listen.


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One response to “Speaking out (updated)”

  1. Olen Freeman says :

    Jon, I listened to your interview on the local NPR station today. I was sickened and outraged.
    I still don’t understand the rationale of Judge Wanda K. Heard in sentencing assailant Mustafa Eraibi, a convicted attempted murderer, carjacker, mugger, etc., etc., to only 30 years-with all but 12 years suspended. It is truly wishful thinking to imagine that this thug will actually spend all 12 years in prison-my guess is he will be out amongst us in 6 years, tops. What message does this send?
    How can a Judge take it upon herself to pull a number out of the air, with no input from the prosecuting DA? Does she only listen to the defense attorneys for this already (at 19 y/o) career criminal, with no respect or concern for his victims, nor the demands of the prosecution? You are a young man whose life has been unalterably changed physically, emotionally, and psychologically by this monster. I hope you can sue the hell out of the Baltimore City Circuit court, and the judge personally, for violating your Constitutional rights. I can’t believe this is a situation that you will just have to “deal with” for the rest of your life.
    I am truly disgusted with the legal system here in Baltimore. You have my sympathies.

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